Sunday, September 29, 2013

Door Signs

These door signs I made for the kids room.  The digital stamps are courtesy of Simply Betty Stamps whose stuff I love and you will notice that I use the same Digital company's a lot for my stamps, they are lovely, talented ladies.

For Oliver's I chose the god Loki to represent him, as he is the God of Mischief and my little blonde bombshell certainly lives up to the rep lol x

For Ryleigh's I chose the Goddess Freya, classy and beautiful (most of the time) and she chose the colour of her dress, which of cause is Red.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wrapped Up

This is another SBS Challenge and the requirements were stitching and wrappings.

I used a template from my Silhouette and stitched on the heart and then used some guaze and netting that I had in my crafting box and white glitter glue for her hair.

Thank yous

These cards were made for some special ladies that went above and beyond when I was low to pick me up and get me right again.  I owe them everything and they are wonderful women and their babies are all friends of Olivers.  
I made 4 of these all identical except one had blonde hair, they loved them and made me cry lol x

This was made to say thankyou to my cousin for helping me, hubby and the kids have a wonderful day out at the zoo, without worrying about cost.  We really needed it and had a fantastic day, dispite the fact it absolutely chucked it down with rain for most of the day, but we didnt let that spoil it.

Birthday Cards

These are some birthday cards that I made for various people x

This one was made for my lovely Mother-in-Law.  I knew that she likes birds and flowers so I combined the two to make this lovely card.

This was for my wonderful husband, who has supported me thoughout this whole new hobby of mine and gives me alot of constructive critisism, which is very much appreciated.  I did the Hot Air Balloon with the Silhouette machine, aswell as the wording and the clouds.  Very simple but very much the right kinda card for him.

This was for my Nephew Alex, I thought the stamp really captured him, as he is a proper little boy and I could just see him getting into mischief with a little friend in tow.

 This one I really enjoyed doing as it was for a Secret Birthday Fairy gift between my son and another September baby.  Lots of stalking to find out wants and not wants so that gifts could be bought and the colours are her favourite so had to be incorporated into the card.  She loved both the gift and the card.  You cant see too well on this picture the great detail but it was all done on the Silhouette and then printed and coloured with Promarkers, the flower in the middle had a flower button placed over the printed flower to make 3d.  Glitter glue was used for the trails from the flower out to the frames and on the butterfly trail.

This was for my daughter who turned 5 this year.
She loves fairies
and glitter.

These cards although all the same, were made for 3 very special boys for their birthdays.  They were all made using their favourite colours.  The green one was for Aaron, middle one was my own Oliver and the blue one was for Lucas, hence the initials on all of them.  These were made completely from a special card template on my Silhouette, the only addition apart from the initials was the baby donkeys which were coloured in matching colours x

Witch Mercedes

This was the first SBS Challenge that I did and was very proud of.  Witch Mercedes was interesting to do as I had no idea what I was going to do with her.  This was the first time I used my Silhouette cutting machine to cut out embellishments to decorate the card.  I used a glitter glue over the cut out spiderweb which gave it that sparkly look.

Roller Babes

I loved doing this one, again this was for an SBS/TSC challenge on Facebook.

This was the TSC one, requirements were buttons and ribbons.

This one was the SBS one and the only requirements for this one was 3 papers and the colours Lime and Hot Pink.  

I used these two for birthday cards for two lovely cousins of mine, Rachael and Emma x

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zombie vs Vampire

These cards were made for an SBS/TSC challenge on Facebook and had alot of fun making them.

For the SBS Zombie, it was anything goes and glitter x

For the TSC Vampire, it was the same, anything goes, glitter and blood splatter x

A little about me x

Hi, I'm fairly new to blogging so please be patient with me whilst I work things out. 

When I started out making cards it was to save money and to add a personal touch to something special.  I started out with just my Silhouette cutting machine that my lovely husband bought me for Christmas and then added a large collection of Promarker pens and thanks to some lovely ladies on crafting groups on Facebook that I started building up a rather lovely collection of Digital Stamps.

My Digital Stamps are courtesy of Simply Betty Stamps, Redonkadoodles and The Stamping Chef.  So far I have partaken in many challenges with SBS and TSC and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Not only has it forced me to challenge my mind to put together decorations and designs for these challenges, it has also given me the opportunity to practice and improve my colouring and working out how to use my Silhouette to its full ability.

I hope that you enjoy looking at my designs and if you need something unique and special for an event and fancy something homemade please feel free to ask and I will be honoured to help.