Thursday, August 07, 2014

Miscellaneous Cards

This card was made for the Spring Blog Hop that I was part of.  It was the card I made to go with the goodies that I sent to my lovely lady in the US.  The image used is from SBS and is part of her Boudoir Collection.

Bubble Bath Betty:

This one was made as part of a request by the lovely Tamara of The Stamping Chef.  It was a special image made to support the Troops of the Dutch Army out in Mali.  we were allowed to have her for free if we joined the Facebook group OperationBlueBison and made a project with her.  She then collected all the projects and sent them out to the Troops.

Operation Blue Bison:

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


We start off with a card that I made for our lovely daughter.  The image used is from The Stamping Chef and so is the bird above the sentiment.

Ella Lovely:

Next we have a card made for my best friend in the states, both her and my daughter share the same birthday, so this day is very special to me.  For this card I used an image by SBS.

Coffee Lover Bree:

This card was from my daughter to her god mother (my best friend) and is a Bestie Alphabet.

Letter S Bestie:

This one was made for another good friend of mine and again the image was from The Stamping Chef.

Polly wants a cracker:

And this one was made for a friends son who loves Chelsea, the 9 on his shirt is the age of the son and C is for Cameron, I cant find where the image came from.