Thursday, March 27, 2014

Money Boxes

To try and get my daughter to do as she is told the first time she is asked (she is 5 years old), I was told about this great idea of having a moneybox for her and every time she does what she is told she would get 10-20p and at the end of each month, she gets to count it all up and whatever she has she gets to spend on whatever she wants for either herself or her and her brother.

These were made with old whiskey boxes that Nathan had finished with.  Each was then covered with a choice of papers and a few embellishments.

For Ryleighs she chose a pink daisy paper with a pink border and red spotted washi tape.  She chose image Betty Medusa and asked for butterflies and flowers.  I was very lucky to recieve a very lovely handmade flower by the lovely Anita Blake.  I decorated the box whilst she was asleep and she was so happy in the morning when she saw it bless her.

Link for the image is:

This one is mine and again is made from an old whiskey box, covered in backing paper and washi tape.  The green handmade flower is another creation of Anita Blake and the feather is from Hobbycrafts wedding range, aswell as the foam roses.  The image is BettyAddams.

Link for the image is:

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