Friday, June 13, 2014

Corrine's Girlie Swap Blog Hop

Welcome to our newest hop on the SBS Fan Page.  This is an anything goes, crafty and fun girlie swap.  You should have started the blog with the lovely Betty Roberts and if you have followed the hop list, you should have arrived at me from Erin Stephenson. 

My partner was Melissa Varga who sent me a whole box of goodies and they were all so cute and gorgeous and I felt very very spoilt.

Start with my lovely card using a Betty Boudoir image.

Now for the goodies.

I got some fabulous stuff, scrap books and notebooks

Stickers, embellishments, shrink wrap, sticky dots, an alinement template and cloth.

Rhinestone embellishments and hearts.

Lots and lots of ribbon, washi tape and twine.

pencil sharpener, with erasers, pencils and gel pens.

Ceramic plate and compact mirror.

3 pearl pens, black, gold and white.

Gold embellishment flowers.

Alphabet dinky dies, love these.

Halloween Chipbox.

Gorgeous wooden box filled with all sorts of different flowers.

Stampin techniques booklet.

Double sided adhesive sheets.

 Fine glitters, coloured drops, embossing powders.

Different stamps.

Brads, charms and embellishments.

Instructions (always a very good thing to have and certain will come in very handy)

Well thats everything and Im so happy with what I received now you should be ready to move to the next person in the blog list Katya Bess.  Hope your enjoying the blog hop and please leave a comment if you so wish x


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  1. OMG, so many awesome goodies....

  2. Goodness, now that's a haul! :) Looks like a new technique in there too, enjoy.

  3. Thank you so much for all the goodies you sent me too! The pictures you took are much better than mine ~ glad you enjoyed the stuff I sent you, can't wait to see all the Wonderful thing you make!