Wednesday, August 06, 2014


We start off with a card that I made for our lovely daughter.  The image used is from The Stamping Chef and so is the bird above the sentiment.

Ella Lovely:

Next we have a card made for my best friend in the states, both her and my daughter share the same birthday, so this day is very special to me.  For this card I used an image by SBS.

Coffee Lover Bree:

This card was from my daughter to her god mother (my best friend) and is a Bestie Alphabet.

Letter S Bestie:

This one was made for another good friend of mine and again the image was from The Stamping Chef.

Polly wants a cracker:

And this one was made for a friends son who loves Chelsea, the 9 on his shirt is the age of the son and C is for Cameron, I cant find where the image came from.

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