Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fortune Teller Betty and Voodoo Corinne Simply Betty Challenge

This is my entry for the Simply Betty Stamps Challenge and I have so far done 'Fortune Teller Betty', who I loved colouring.  

The requirements were the use of Rhinestones and Crystal Accent.  I used the Rhinestones for the chandelier, the smaller flowers insides and around the red glitter backing paper.  I also used a green Rhinestone for the Crystal Ball, which I hope works.  I added some glitter to her scarf to give her that crystal shimmer which I hope covers the crystal accent side of the requirements.

This is a two stamp challenge, if we wanted to, and I am hoping to add 'Voodoo Corinne' to the challenge before the closing date.

Hope you like my creations x


  1. This is awesome!! Love the glitter you added to her headband! Great project!


  2. You've done an awesome job sweetie!


  3. I must say I love your blog title (Bananas about stamping).
    This card could possibly even work as a New Year card (with the future sentiment). I'm thinking of making a New Years card with this image (the fortune teller), but I'm not sure yet.

    The glitter to her scarf is gorgeous. That tarot hand (or what it's called) is such a clever detail. There are so many interesting elements to this card. You did such a great job with this image, and you made me feel inspired too. :)

    1. Wio,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments they are very much appreciated. The blog name took sometime to come up with and it was actually one of the ladies in a Facebook group that I'm with that gave me the name and I loved it.

      I never thought about using the image or the card for New Year but now you mention it, it would be a fantastic one to use. I would love to see what you come up with if you do decide to make one. The glitter is just a red glitter glue that I got from Wilko's, it is very good for making sparkly covers like this. The Tarot hand I got from the internet and just shrunk it down to size, fits perfectly with Fortune Betty. I'm really glad you liked it and that I have inspired you too, I have only been doing this about a month or two, so that means a lot x

    2. Samantha, I'm glad to hear that. Now when I come to think of it, you should totally check out the hidden scavenger hunt. Some days are sponsored by Simply Betty. :) If you find the hidden image for the day, you will be entered into the draw and could win an image. You can find more info here about that: :) I have already won 3 different images (Rick St Dennis twice and Delicious Doodles once).

      I don't know yet if I'll complete this one (the Fortune Teller Betty one). I have coloured her, but I'm just not satisfied with anything that I'm doing at the moment. xD Hehe.

      Anyhow, have a nice weekend! Hugs, Wio

    3. Ooh that sounds like fun, thanks hun I will check it out and let you know how I get on. Thank you for letting me know and for your kind comments x